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Coffee machine CIAO

Indulge in the finest Espresso

  • With its innovative and appealing design, CIAO is the perfect compact coffee-brewing solution for home or office.
  • Using less power, your espresso machine is generating substantial energy savings.
  • Limestone-related inconveniences are prevented by the new patented self-cleaning water system.
  • Optimum flavour and efficiency of the coffee infusion are direct benefits of the “Cloche” central pad-locking system.
  • The zinc-coated-steel frame provides for adequate stability.
  • Simple access to the inner machine parts at maintenance is provided by the ABS side cover.
  • Various-sized cups or plastic beakers may be used due to the integrated plastic base enabling hight-adaptation.
  • Quick-checking of the water level is enabled by the transparent water-container cover with an easily handled magnetic lock (back side).
  • Available only as a coffee machine.
  • On demand, the espresso machine can be equipped with an SD-card, energy-saving system and an electronic set to control the amount of coffee brewed.
Coffee machine CIAO